After working on efficiencies and increasing productivity within the manufacturing department, Greyhound Box has chosen a Kolbus Multinova Gluer as the new addition to the factory. This replaces a manual process for short-run jobs and increases speed by 100% in most cases. Arran Kohli Sethi, UK Sales Manager for Autobox & Kolbus Machinery, worked with us to find the right solution. The Multinova is a popular gluing machine for cardboard box making due to its simplicity and option to integrate it with other Autobox modules. This is a quick setup machine with an electronic screen, so minimal time is lost when setting up and maximum output can be gained instead.

To further improve the process we added an Anser Inkjet Printer supplied by Newcode, as we needed an automated solution for reference printing. This was tested at the factory prior to purchase and was compatible, Eugene Ward (Technical Manager at Kolbus Uk) commented on how well it worked with the machine and resulted in a new sales add-on for them. The team are delighted with the machine and it has improved throughput along with better working practices.

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