A Day in the Life of Greyham the Robox at Made in Yorkshire


Made in Yorkshire had a different type of work experience last week. Greyham, of Greyhound Box, came to work with us for a week. Greyhound Box & Packaging is proven for being highly reliable and providing a comprehensive managed packaging program including packing and packaging design, manufacturing and consultancy and customers waste management. Our Packaging and supply chain experts work directly with you to green and optimise supply chain, reduce carbon footprint with a focus of driving value to the bottom line.

When Greyham’s not in his office, he likes to find out how other’s work, so we had him for the week.

Based at the Round Foundry Media Centre, Made in Yorkshire had to get Greyham signed in to the building first, just in case of fire (he’s a lot more flammable than usual other guests we’ve had in our offices).

Made in Yorkshire invited Greyham to talk about Greyhound Box and his advice for any manufacturers out there.

He wanted the cameras to get his good side which, according to him, is every side. 

After his close up, Greyham joined Nelly for a spot of lunch. He even had a good peruse of the newest edition of the Made in Yorkshire magazine.

Greyham helped Nelly and Ash with the preparations for the Made in Yorkshire Christmas drinks. The drinks vouchers were in need of divvying up between the guests, but Greyham had other ideas!

The evening was a great success with Greyham even getting in on some of the conversation! 

At the end of the night Greyham went home to bed, and we even gave him Friday off!